The world of antique/vintage/ classic/retro trucks is vast and encompasses many different approaches to the old truck hobby. To some folks a modern chassis with vintage sheet metal over it represents an old truck. For others, an old truck needs to be restored to the exact form it had when it rolled off the assembly line way back when. One group may think of a 2002 pickup as a “vintage classic” while to others, anything produced after 1970 is “modern”.

Retro Trucks is going to try to accommodate that vast span of different approaches to owning and enjoying an old truck. The magazine’s primary focus, however, will be on “original” trucks with an emphasis on old trucks that are driven. We will also showcase restored trucks, unrestored “survivor” trucks, and pickups with mechanical and safety upgrades.

Although we will focus on light duty models, there is a chance that a few 1½ and 2 Ton trucks might find their way into the pages.
The nostalgic feeling of learning to drive in Granddad’s old pickup when one was only 12 or 13 years old is a feeling which we at Retro Trucks would like to evoke. We wish to encourage the involvement of young people in the old truck hobby. There is a lot to be said for the notion that one cannot get into much trouble while turning wrenches on some stubborn old piece of vintage “tin”.

We welcome reader and subscriber input and are open to shaping our content around what you, “our readers” would like to see. Please let us know when we strike the right chord with you and when we do not.

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